Sunday, 18 August 2019

FOQ 2019

Wots this wots this??Mini Mini bud on a mound of teacayks??? can only mean one thing, a hugely disrupted train journey to FOQ 2019!! the fingers in the background belong to the lovely Ruth who navigated us through at least 4 train changes after our original one got cancelled and who soothed me while i was having a nervous breakdown when i got contacted about something at work going pear shaped :-)
Ruth made Mini mini Bud his very own teacayk mat!

Hellooooooooo NEC
My quilt!!!!
So so amazing to see it all hung up in great lighting

A highlight was when i saw on a facebook group that my lovely friend Kim had won a judges choice award. At first she didnt believe me and accused me of photoshopping the facebook group picture!!!
I spotted some of my liberty teeny scraps in it!
the gorgeous lady herself!
Trash and I did make a bit of a fuss about it :-)

Prince by the lovely Cat Haggart
Mini Mini Bud loves his Aunty Cat so wanted to see it up close!

I spy Lucy Engels quilt :-)
Personal shopping for Greenandscratchy
Ahhhh Jenny Doan, what a lady what a show, she is awesome and made me cry

Oh now some favourites from the show,  i am so rubbish at remembering to take makers names .... sorry !

YEA!!!! at last we got to meet Aunty Cath, cumbrianlongarmer, Mini Mini Bud doesnt have favourites but if he did ...
two lovely new chums at the gin bar! A fox made this and Akatotron

Woo hoo! another Aunty! Aunty Mary.
who is this? why its Jack!

More favourite quilts

Oh Amanda - Metroquilter made this one
ahhhhhhhh Smokey Barrels! the most awesome thali ever!

Traditional show and tell in the travel lodge bedroom
Mini Bud wiht his badge from his Aunty Lou - flipflopfabric shop
MRS MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGG! OMG how lovely to meet her in person after so long, just as gorgeous in real life!
and the lovely Jodie!
Awwwwww two more favourites, Mary Goffin and Aunty Sarah aka duckeggthreads :-)

Aunty Jane!!!! twowendesdays!!! known this woman for ages, sincec twitter heady days. Just as lovely in real life!
who is this wee chap!!!!why its only Mini Edward no less!
Wow! and Margaret!

they brought the sooper luffly Sharon with them, Mini mini bud loved his Aunty sharon!

The gin bar, what can i say?? just an amazing game changer for this years FOQ! and despite rumours no it wasnt sponsored by me!!

Whats all going on here then? We had arranged to meet at the gin bar at 4.30, and bagged some empty chairs at a table where two other ladies were sitting (i did ask!)  i got there early, gradually folks started arriving and the two ladies moved out a bit, out a bit more, out a bit more. I said we should get a group photo and one of the ladies said she would take it and made a joke about us shoving them out of the table. At that point Mary Goffin screamed "ITS DEBBIE SHORE!!!!" we all looked properly at the lady and blow me it was!!! how super was she! such a sport and good laugh and genuinely lovely lady.

And here she is!

Mini mini Bud, guardian of the gin!

Jen Kingwell folks, Jen blooming Kingwell!!!! lovely lady.

Awwwww Aunty Cath got Bud a panda charm!
Farewell lovely gin and fizz bar, you were amazing!
some final favourite quilts

i think below was Ruths favourite
This lady was in the queue in front of me at the airport, love the bag!
So Panda wallet, pack you safely away till next time
Final haul!

I found these lurking in my rucksack on my way to work!
Awwwww its a farewell to this wee book, i have kept notes of classes and FOQ in here for 3 years now. this was its last FOQ.

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