Monday, 26 August 2019

Boos birthday pawty

Whats all this then???? Wendy mouse in her va va va voom dress? and whose that next to Mini mini Bud?? is the Kippa and Fiery????? not sure what is going on here, and they look to  be in a *pub*???

OMG and Mini bud is there too??
Why its Mr David!!! but no Mr Rabbit, apparently he was held up doing health and safety checks ... thats an awful lot of beer Mr David, (sounding like my mother there ...!) but wait its brewdog beer?
Ahhhhhhhhh that explains it! its Boos birthday pawty!!!! Me and Scoobs were lucky enough to be invited along to chaperone the minis ....
Hey its lovely Sue too!!!!

awwwwww FAAAAACCCEEE!!!!! the gorgeous birthday girl herself, happy birthday gorgeous Boo
Her own bottle of sub woofer beer and a pup cake ..... totes adorbs

I am glad to report we didnt hold back!! Thank you so much lovely Sue and lovely Mr David for letting us join Boos special day.

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