Saturday, 31 August 2019

August furtling!

Well i was a total wipe out for July, sorry Mini Archie! so im delighted to be able to join in for August, did i just say august???? where is 2019 going to!
right lets see whats on the camera roll shall we? Ahhhh I was up at my mams, working on my Tresna scarf and realised i had forgotten my cable needle, quick furtle in mams stationery drawer and i found this teeny pencil which was the fair dab! this shawl is going to be a long standing one on my FAL list but thats ok, im easing back into knitting.

 totes not craft related but i got a new job and a new dress for the interview and i think i look GORGEGOUS! (listen if we dont say these things to ourselves then we cant say them to others either, thats my motto! Anyhoo, new Head of Learner and Academic Services for Heriot Watt University and very proud of it too. For someone who was thrown out of library school in 1984 ive dont not too shabbily thank you very much :-)
this bunch went to a birthday pawty!!!! the lovely Sue and Mr David invited us all to sweet Boos birthday pawty,  we had a blast thank you!

 There were a fair few finished too, I pattern tested for Jenny - Papper Saxten and this is my version of her Pia Panda quilt. how sweet! all done in Japanese fabrics, I have just donated this to Project Linus in fife, sadly a childrens hospice had a fire (no one hurt) but they wanted quilts so this is one i donated to that.

 Oh my Scoobs! you are a twerp! but i love you, we took a lot of finish pictures before he left for his epic hike across sweden, this was made from 3 Janet Claire charm packs. simple to make but verey effective. I will blog about it separately for the FAL. This too went to the quilt drive mentioned above.
 Now thats better behaved my Scoobs! This is made from 2 charm packs of Bee Creative by Deb Strain. Its a pattern from Sarah Elwood - Sew Me so straightforward and easy to make, again just got sent off to the quilt drive mentiond above.
 Well it wouldnt be August without the FOQ!! here was Mini Mini Bud on the train.
 Me and my Farmers wife quilt!
 A detail of lovely Kims quilt, the green liberty was a donation from me, so nice to see this quilt, i saw it being made at our Killearn sewing days,
 I went personal shopping for Elaine - Greenandscratchy, great fun shopping for someone else!
 Look to the right of the person in the aqua top, thats a Lucy Engels quilt! stunning
 *blushes* part of my haul, i did go a bit batshit crazy ....
 Amanda - Metro quilter made this quilt top, you read it by going round not left to right, how clever!
 OK i have blogged all about how Mini Bud was the main attraction and him meeting up with all his loving Aunties ..... but this was a very special meet up, I have know Jane - two wednesdays since the days of twitter, I think she might have even known real life Bud on twitter! it was Helen and Jane who persuaded me to give Mini Bud his own instagram account, i know he may neglect it a bit ..... but he still loves seeing his chums on there. Meeting Aunty Jane was very special for him (and me too !)
 Awwww - Anuty Sharon too!
 The only thing which would have been better than meeting Aunty Cath would have been if the great BC had been there too :-)
fun and games at the gin bar!
 Jen Kingwell folks, yer actual Jen Kingwell !
 My panda pouch goes away but only till November because this year i am going to Harrogate for the first time!

Couple of late additions. The Balloon quilt is almost done!!! 
 I may have also bought from  Hazels destash ... cant resist a charm pack!

See you next month!


  1. What an adventurous 2 months you've had. Looks like so much fun!!!

    1. Thank you! It's been a bit full on 😁

  2. Congrats on your new job, sounds very grown up - and yes, you did look gorgeous for your interview.
    Don't know how you pull off so many finishes..........
    You have had a fun month!

    1. Thank you Sheila I had a good couple of days off and managed to pull things together then 😊

  3. My goodness, what a month! A new job and all that stitching goodness too! Congrats on your fabulous new position, I wish you much pleasure from your career move. And, it is lovely to see someone has actually made the Double Charm pack quilt. I'm not even sure if the lady who asked me for the pattern ever saw it or stitched one (she was sadly a no-reply blogger).

    1. Thank you so much! I have had that pattern saved for ages, its great so straightforward but it let's you see the whole charm and not cut it up, I'll definitely be using it again!

  4. Oh and yes, your interview dress was just the swizz!!!

  5. You are GORGEOUS, and congratulations on your new post! *applauds* You've been so busy I'm out of breath simply reading it all! Thanks you for helping out my destash too! xx Ohai to mini Bud and his chums! *tiny feltie ear ruffles*

    1. Blushes 😂😂 thank you! Feltie ear ruffles always appreciated 😊xx

  6. What a magnificent dress - you're right, you are gorgeous! And congratulations on the new job! *waves pompoms* The panda quilt is gorgeous! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* FoQ looks like great fun and I hope I can make it one day (with Mini Archie, of course) - looks like I need to start saving now!! Thanks for furtling!

    1. Awww *blushes* I think we are all gorgeous and should celebrate it! Nothing could make foq better than to have you there 😁