Monday, 8 July 2019

I missed one!!!

How could I miss a finish! I am going to try and get this one blogged before the link up ends.  This was finish no. 9 on my FAL Q2 list.
I think I probably forgot to blog about this one because I have to say it was not the best experience I have had with donating a quilt to charity  .... and that saddens me.
I was a linus co-ordinator for a few years and loved doing that. I still donate to Linus and love doing that. Siblings together and Alice Caroline get most of my other quilts with Siblings being hands down my favourite experience.
I found a new group and they were on facebook ... now I did think about this because I have to say I am not a huge fan of facebook, instagram is my hood :-) but hey the charity sounded well worth it.
So! I duly went on registered, answered all questions and got admitted. Their rules regarding sizing were quite convoluted (well to me anyway) and there were dire warnings all over about adhering to the sizing .... yup i know I should have backed out there and then, no disrespect but if you need to make it soooooo complex then maybe its not for me.
I had a layer cake which was pretty, I wanted to use the disappearing nine patch so put the two together and this is what i came up with!!!

Purty huh?? yup I mean the quilt not the husband :-) but he is rather handsome too.
To me it did  fall within the guidelines BUT its square not rectangular ... I posted it on the facebook site and within half an hour the admin was messaging me saying "pretty quilt, what are the exact dimensions" so I told her.
What I got back was:
"hmmmmmmmm its not the correct size but Im sure since it is pretty we can find a home for it"
Now colour me sensitive but I thought "hey you know what, dont let me foist my incorrectly sized (but pretty  and quilted and bound which you have been screaming out for) quilt on you.
Well I didnt think that straight away It was only after she kept commenting on my facebook post, not too rudely but when ever anyone posted a comment about it she would be RIGHT in there commenting "yes but please check the sizing guidelines in the group files". Thats when I thought, "sod it, ill give it to Siblings" I came off group, blocked the admin and gave to siblings, all I got from them was a lovely lovely thank you from Nicky and a whole lot of loving from everyone else.
Lesson learned. Im sticking to IG from now on, facebook can do one.
Hmm Im aware that while writing this I must be sounding really mean. Maybees aye, maybees naw!!!
I do hope the original charity get all the quilts they want, I really do though, it was a great cause.
Ill finish that off there.


  1. I am completely with you on not giving that beautiful quilt to the original charity - it's sad that the organisers are making it difficult for people to donate and putting off those who try, but, on the bright side, Siblings Together benefited from their, um, attitude! And the quilt is gorgeous! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*

    1. Thank you! A pom pom wave makes it all better 😊