Saturday, 27 July 2019

Budsmam does Bath and London, part 2 - London, day 1, Van Gough

Whoop whoop! I stayed at home long enough to pick up clean undercrackers :-) then i hot footed it down to London town for the second part of my holiday! I arrived mid afternoon on the Wednesday just in time to visit the Van Gough in Britain exhibition at the Tate Modern. LOOOOOOOK!!!! Starry night :-) next to Turner Van Gough is my most favouritest painter person. Love this so much. The exhibition itself was a bit 'padded' and stretched out but hey at the end of the day i didnt grudge the entry fee. 

I stood and looked at this one for a long long time.

Starry night again but hey its worth it.

The workhouse, soul destroying.

The Tate also had a fantastic selection of Turners, what a bonus!

 Napoleon in exile.


  1. Beautiful paintings! (I'm glad you took clean undercrackers!)

    1. Always clean undercrackers pet 🤣🤣