Monday, 29 July 2019

Thought for the day

This picture popped up in my facebook memories on saturday, its from July 2011. I look the picture of health dont i? I was months away from being dead ... no seriously, i was. I was training for a 10k, and had gone out for a run because i was getting a biopsy the next day to see what a lump in my neck was. It was stage 4 hodkins lymphoma which had already started to migrate to my liver (yes i had all the jokes about my gin soaked liver repelling the cancer :-)!

 So 8 years later i decided to go for a wee jog again, it was pouring down with rain but i had a good run, and i still have a decent pair of legs if i say so myself :-)
reminder, dont sweat the small stuff you never know whats around the corner.

Budsmam does Bath and London, I think its day 5, lost count this is bagels and cemetaries

How flipping good is this!!! Salt beef Bagel from Brick Lane, i am coming back here again, what an amazing place.

The afternoon i managed to drag myself away from  the food and take a trip to highgate cemetery. I passed this on the way, OK Archie, who is Fabrizio :-)
Highgate cemetery is fabulous, in two parts, you pay to go round, one part is open the other is tour only.

A plaque with 42 on it and a pot of pens instead of flowers .... can only be one grave, Douglas Adams, thank you Douglas you were a HUGE part of my teenage years.

Karl Marx :-) I restisted doing my "power to the people" Tooting Popular Front salute (niche joke that one)

This one was amazing I had to tear myself away from it.

The second cemetery which is tour only was fascinating, not so much a famous person tour but more a tour about Victorian burial rights and symbolism, great stuff.

Ivan Litvanenko

The catacombs totally freaked me out!!

the journey back was a bit of a nightmare. signalling problems on underground, a 12 minute journey took two very hot and steamy hours! I came out and walked part of the way around knightsbridge, saw this fab outfit.
When i got back to the hotel and ordered a LARGE glass of rose, the lovely barman topped my glass up to the top, he said i looked like i needed it!!! this was after a couple of mouthfuls!

FAL Q3 - First finish!!!

Woo hoo!!!! First finish of Q3 :-) this one has been on my FAL list since this time last year! I love a Michael Miller bookmark, his designs are so lovely and fun, so number 11 from  my list is allllllll done!

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Budsmam does Bath and London, London day 4 chums and exhibitions and loveliness

Oh man oh man oh man! I had totally forgotten that me Sheena and Ruth were meeting up for breakfast so I had brekkie before meeting up with them .... doh! It was at Carluccios, fab food.

We had talked for ages about going to the Mary Quant exhibition and finally here we were!!!!! OMG, how incredible was this woman.

My favourite frock :-)

I love the V&A so much, I remember seeing this on Blue Peter when i was young!

We had lunch at Carluccios, with perhaps some fizz :-) then off to the Serpentine to see the Faith Ringold exhibition, very powerful.

Then we sat outside and chatted and just hung out, cant get much better than that can you :-)

After we went back to Carluccios for dinner! and some more wine, what a perfect day.