Saturday, 15 June 2019

Lets all run away to the Fairy Tale Castle

Irene and I always wanted to run away to the circus, when the going gets tough and work and the menopause are kicking your butt then it always seemed like a good idea!
But now we want to run away to the Fairy Tale Castle, Jacky is going to join us and you are all welcome too!
So this was number 8 on my Q2 FAL list I won the pattern in the FAL from Blossom Heart quilts, a lovely fairy tale castle and the size of it seemed ideal for the Alice Caroline SOS quilts, she wants 54x90 max, a very rectangular quilt so this tall thin pattern is ideal.
 The backing is lawn from stand fast and barracks, the lovely Pam got this for me, it's sweetie wrappers 😊

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