Sunday, 30 June 2019

June's furtle

Well there would have been more photos .... but guess which numpty left her mobile in the car when she dropped it off for the MOT and only realised AFTER she had put the key through the letter box!!! Scoobs is away and wont be home till late and i dont want to be later again with my furtle *looks anxiously at the committee ...* 
A few main things this month. The up up and away SAL with Sarah Ashford on IG. I love this pattern and as its long and thin its ideal for the long thin quilts for the Alice Caroline SOS in liberty. I got off to a cracking start with 8 in the first week then i stalled.
I had to make a pouch for my bosses leaving do, I used literary fabric to make an Aneela Hoey booklet pouch. I would love to show you the pictures but they are on my blessed phone! if you are on IG you will have seen them.
Another major distraction this month has been this! the hand pieced sampler by Carolyn Forster for Todays Quilter. I have loved making this one but i dont hand piece which has been difficult at times because the blocks are really made for hand piecing but i have managed. It uses the quilt as you go method which i love for putting quilts together, it all comes together whoooooof at the end! Im practising spiral quilting on each block which is fun.

I refound the verve, bitter sweet symphony, love that song, there may have been dancing in the sewing room (and why not!)
My Tresna shawl ..... ok this is my first attempt at knitting in 30 years .... so i pick something nice and easy!!!!! no chance *sigh* my main concerrn is the VERY loopy edge but i am reliably informed it will block out, whatever the heck blocking out is??? well we shall see wont we!
Oh i had a nice evening with Stuart Hilliard! what a nice man, It was the Stirling residential weekend for the Quilters guild and they had spare tickets for his talk at night. great fun!

Righty ho, I will link up and mop up any spare pictures with some separate blog post! ta ta!

Friday, 21 June 2019


Good grief, when did this happen ..... the farmers 30s quilt is finally finished .... this was no 2 on my Q2 FAL list and lets face it, this one has been on every FAL list for FOREVER!!!! It got sent off to the lovely Cath for Longarming and she did her usual amazing job on it.
 My wonderful Scoobs doing sterling husband's holding quilts action as ever 😊

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Lets all run away to the Fairy Tale Castle

Irene and I always wanted to run away to the circus, when the going gets tough and work and the menopause are kicking your butt then it always seemed like a good idea!
But now we want to run away to the Fairy Tale Castle, Jacky is going to join us and you are all welcome too!
So this was number 8 on my Q2 FAL list I won the pattern in the FAL from Blossom Heart quilts, a lovely fairy tale castle and the size of it seemed ideal for the Alice Caroline SOS quilts, she wants 54x90 max, a very rectangular quilt so this tall thin pattern is ideal.
 The backing is lawn from stand fast and barracks, the lovely Pam got this for me, it's sweetie wrappers 😊

Saturday, 1 June 2019

May Furtling

Bother! a day late .... sorry! so what happened in May???
well i ran 5k and raised over 2k for race for life :-) i know that is not crafty or quilty but in a sense it is because the majority of that fundraising was done via instagram and my lovely crafty chums.
Killearn! we had a fabulous sewing day, this is the back of a quilt top made by Katy Cameron (the littlest thistle) i love the way a quilt top can look like stained glass.
Oh yes it was my turn to be queen for the siblings together sewing bee! i chose a nice simple but i think very effective block, a six inch HST made with a low volume square paired with a nine patch made of blue green yellow palette with some red etc dotted about. Love them, they are coming in thick and fast, watch next months furtle for some progress!
Wot else????? oh yes, took delivery of this little beauty! a singer featherweight. I was chatting to the ladies at Killearn saying my lightweight travel sewing machine was showing its age and what should i do about a new one. Well for a new one i got a 70 year old machine instead! how gorgeous is she. Fiona Betti she has been christened. I am loving getting to know her.
 Ahhh yes still ploughing on with this one .... It will be fab when its finished but honestly 64 NYB blocks, what was i thinking ....
 Ah of course! i met up with the lovely Elaine (greenandscratchy) at the Gillian Cooper open day in Balfron. she gave me some brilliant books and fabric for my charity quilts. Quilters are just fab.

 Mini mini bud realised that some of his new followers on IG didnt know all the family so he started a series of posts introducing them, here is anxious panda.
 !!!!!!! oh budsmam you total drama queen! and yes gin had been consumed! my last picture aged 54, not bad if i say so myself :-)
 First picture aged 55!!!! wearing my "queen for a day" birthday card from the utterly fabulous Jacky MacBeth.
 Right more introductions, Mr Lloyd the Llama hes a bit of a dude.
 OK OK i know its not crafty but it was my birthday and i do love my scoobs.
 Now this is crafty, here is scoobs picking his fabric for his fairy tale castle :-) look at that concentration!!!!
 Tres dramatique scoobs!
 And here are five of them put together. Top left was chosen by our very own Archie!

 The last one was chosen by Betti, by this time i was well in my swing of making it. Fabulous pattern by Blossom Heart quilts. I won it in the finish along so its fitting it is included in my current finish along list! Watch this space for some husbands holding quilts action soon!

Did i mention I pattern tested??? well i did! for Needle plus thread, love this pattern, so easy to put together, i will make more of these but only when it goes on an official list!
 Last but not least is my latest block for the Carolyn Forster BOM for todays quilter. I may have messed up a bit with the templates but is till love it!
See you next month! happy furtling!