Saturday, 6 April 2019

Florence last day

My last day! view from my bedroom

Aw man, got to say goodbye to this place, San Marco

i crossed here every day for the whole holiday. Loved it.
Last espresso, or two!

Oh San Marco how i love you.

I sat in this cloister every day. A dream come true.
Seeing the demons everywhere!
I adore this, wee demon squished by door.
Look top right for demons!

book frescos!
medieval kick step

AHHHHH now im in rome!
Totally knackered so ill  just find a cathedral near the train station

OMG Rome termini station has some amazing eateries ....

Right, OK i confess, i bought these thinking they were washi tape .... turns out they are napkin rings!
Ach they are still gorgeous.
What a holiday, truly a dream come true.

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