Saturday, 6 April 2019

Florence day 4 - Duomo, Santa Croce, San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella

OK day 4 and today i am going to totally HAMMER the firenze card. So early start, ahh but today the Duomo dont open till 10 .....

soooo bit of window shopping

And a lot of standing in line and i eventually get in :-) I did go to the Museo della misericordia to fill in time, it was a great wee museum but no photos, hey ho.

There was a cracking wee caffe by the Duomo, i think i had two espressos there, lordy it was grand.
What a view
so i went back for lunch :-)
I then hotfooted it to Santa Croce,  via Dantes house which was a bit disappointing, so nae photies there but Santa Croce ... well that was a different kettle of fish!

Cimmabuie ...... OMG
I could make a quilt of this

Sorry where am i now???? Oh yes back in San Marco !!!! well i did say i would go there every day and i blooming well did.

Am i happy ??? darn tooting i am

After a wee rest in the hotel i ventured out again to San Lorenzo, it was so lovely, calming and visually cool, after a good few days of visual bling.

Donatellos pulpits!!!!!!!!

Yer actuall Donatello!

Santa Maria Novella, oh my goodness Im just in literal heaven now.

I headed home to hotel then went out to local restaurant for lovely dinner,  La Capanna, affa fine 375ml of chianti - Banfi 2016, bresacola & rocket salad then wild boar stew and polenta.

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