Saturday, 6 April 2019

Florence day 3

My cute wee breakfast room. Loved this, i got here first thing every morning,  wolfed down breakfast and then hit the ground running.
Nice chandelier :-)

First up, the Academia,  blimey what a queue! 3/4 hour and i got there first thing. Worth it though. I stood and looked at this annunciation for quite a while, how fabulous, look at the proportions, the perspective. How beautiful.

OK musical instruments but hey we have St Cecilias hall baby :-)

Ahhhhhh Lippi, forgot how much i loved Lippi.

I HAVE to make a bargello quilt based on angels wings

Oh yes you turn a corner and BANG there he is, rudy nudy dudey :-) pretty spektakliar though.

Another annuciation, very very different.
Ok i loved David but this was my favourite, a hall of sculptures.

Inconsolate, how amazing is this?

OOOOFFFTTTT, love a demona

And then, and then you look up and you see .... Giotto! a goatherd, how utterly Amazing is this????? And look just look at that goat .... what a cheeky wee beggar!

And that ladies and germs is why i ADORE Giotto.
oh i say, the Ponte Vecchio, where am i heading .....

Here of course! the Pitti Palace! brace yourselves!
why yes im scoffing sacher torte and americano :-)

Whilst smugly ponderin husband numero uno who took great delight in telling me i would never cope without him, even then i knew that was bollocks :-) i fell in love with Florence while studying an OU course when i was married to him. I would dream of sitting in San Marco and communing with Fra Angelico, i never thought it would happen, well baby it just DID.
So Pitti Palace, lovely chandeliers :-)

Napoleons bath!

New bed for @budthepuppy ??

AAARKKKKKKK the costume gallery OMG a display of costumes all based on animals, totes amazeballs.

Bobolli Gardens baby!

Am i having fun????

OMG i didnt have time to see the Porcelein Museum the last time,  totes amazeballs.

PHEW! my goodness that was thirsty and hungry work, so lets head to the wine store where me and scoobs ate the last time we were here, mmmmmm toona and red wine,  whats not to love!

ANNNNNNND a wee pitstop in the Baptistry of the Duomo on the way back to the hotel, stunning as ever.

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