Tuesday, 30 April 2019

April furtling

It just simply cannot be the end of April 2019 ..... We rewatched Logans Run at the weekend, i remember seeing it when it was new .... seemed amazing and so futuristic!!!
right, whits been going on here then? apart from the odd one or two gins ....
Most of April was spent recovering from the Florence trip but there has been crafting.
But obviously THE most important thing to happen was a crafty/walking/camping/airplane meet up with the Lovely Sue, David and Boo. Mini Mini Bud wanted to stay with Luffly Aunty Sue but mean old Budsmam made him come home, but only after she had given boo lots of cuddles, no picture unfortunately the grown ups were too busy blethering!

Crafting!!!! yes there has been crafting and a finish for Q2 (committee please note :-)) My cowl started at a Ginger Twist studio beginners class.
 See that mini mini Bud!!!! he gets in all the action, and why is that daft auld librarian wearing a teddy bear hat??? the daft auld mare is running a 5k race for life, she will do anything to raise a shilling or two :-)
 HMMMMMMMMMMM BUDTHEPUPPY!!!! have you been liberating my credit card again!!!! yup another Duck Egg threads delivery i knew nothing about, but hey its capel ..... i now have an overflowing box of capel, I need to make something with it, something I will keep, im thinking mini swoon? mini lone star??
 Oh yes, all the males in this household have been misbehaving! ower scoobs came into the sewing room, looked at the squint (and full of fabric) bookcase and said "you have too much fabric" ...... now you know how much i love that man but there are limits!.
 Some hammering later and here we have a straight bookcase .... Scoobs eat your words
awwwww but it was his birthday so we forgive him :-)
 oh yes, this is another Q2 finish, a lovely disappearing 9 patch, it is going to siblings, it was going elsewhere but after it was pointed out that i had mis interpreted their sizes I decided to give it to siblings who are always just grateful for a nice quilt.
 I am stoking on with these liberty fairy tale castles destined for the Alice Caroline SOS hope to get two more done this weekend. great fun to make
 Did i furtle you this one? my neptune and the maiden quilt, there is a full blog post on it somewhere.
EEEKKKKK my battery is running out so I will love you and leave you here, live long and furtle!


  1. Sheila, you do make me laugh. Gorgeous projects as always and I'm already pining for the next blether!!!!

    1. Thank you! and me too lovely Sue! the Buds keep pestering me "when will we see Lovely Sue again!" Hopefully see you at guild soon!

  2. So much going on, did you have time to sleep?! Some beautiful finishes in such a busy month, I especially love the Neptune and the Maiden quilt.

    1. Thank you! sleep is for wimps :-) I do love the Neptune and the Maiden quilt too, it was amazing fabric to work with

  3. You do give me the giggles, Mrs! If Scoobs thinks you have too much fabric, the sight of mine would likely send him running for hills!! Bravo on finishing your cowl--it's fab, and beautifully done! :D The Liberty castles are great fun and I love the Neptune quilt--remember it from IG.
    All the best for the 5K run--smash it, to live long and furtle! (lol)

    1. He was told in no uncertain terms he wasnt allowed back in the sewing room until he washed his mouth out with soap! thank you for the good wishes, get your Kermit flail ready!