Tuesday, 30 April 2019

April furtling

It just simply cannot be the end of April 2019 ..... We rewatched Logans Run at the weekend, i remember seeing it when it was new .... seemed amazing and so futuristic!!!
right, whits been going on here then? apart from the odd one or two gins ....
Most of April was spent recovering from the Florence trip but there has been crafting.
But obviously THE most important thing to happen was a crafty/walking/camping/airplane meet up with the Lovely Sue, David and Boo. Mini Mini Bud wanted to stay with Luffly Aunty Sue but mean old Budsmam made him come home, but only after she had given boo lots of cuddles, no picture unfortunately the grown ups were too busy blethering!

Crafting!!!! yes there has been crafting and a finish for Q2 (committee please note :-)) My cowl started at a Ginger Twist studio beginners class.
 See that mini mini Bud!!!! he gets in all the action, and why is that daft auld librarian wearing a teddy bear hat??? the daft auld mare is running a 5k race for life, she will do anything to raise a shilling or two :-)
 HMMMMMMMMMMM BUDTHEPUPPY!!!! have you been liberating my credit card again!!!! yup another Duck Egg threads delivery i knew nothing about, but hey its capel ..... i now have an overflowing box of capel, I need to make something with it, something I will keep, im thinking mini swoon? mini lone star??
 Oh yes, all the males in this household have been misbehaving! ower scoobs came into the sewing room, looked at the squint (and full of fabric) bookcase and said "you have too much fabric" ...... now you know how much i love that man but there are limits!.
 Some hammering later and here we have a straight bookcase .... Scoobs eat your words
awwwww but it was his birthday so we forgive him :-)
 oh yes, this is another Q2 finish, a lovely disappearing 9 patch, it is going to siblings, it was going elsewhere but after it was pointed out that i had mis interpreted their sizes I decided to give it to siblings who are always just grateful for a nice quilt.
 I am stoking on with these liberty fairy tale castles destined for the Alice Caroline SOS hope to get two more done this weekend. great fun to make
 Did i furtle you this one? my neptune and the maiden quilt, there is a full blog post on it somewhere.
EEEKKKKK my battery is running out so I will love you and leave you here, live long and furtle!

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

2019 FAL Q2 proposals

Goodness , are we at Q2????
Blimey another year another FAL!  Right eyes down for the second proposal list of 2019, when on earth did it become 2019 .... let alone April ...
No.1 - New York Beauty in Tilda
this is underway, but like i thought not a quick win! but im plodding on with it

No.2 - Farmers wife 
SO CLOSE!!!! this is off to the fabulous cumbrianlongarmer for her to work her magic. i even have the binding all ready to go when it comes back. soooooooon my pretty
No.3 Paper Clip - Lucy Engels
I want to make Lucy's latest pattern in Japanese fabrics! i may have quite a bit of Japanese fabric ...

No.4 One more Cup of Coffee - Lucy Engels
aww man i have been collecting Lucys fabric since she started printing. I adore her fabric and she is from the same area as me to boot and a sooper luffly person as well :-) I have her pattern, i have the templates from Jenny Haynes. i just need to make it so.

No.5 Liberty Lone star
I commited to making 2 Alice Caroline SOS quilts this year. Its not like i dont have much liberty ...

 No.6 Liberty scrappy trip
See No 5!

No.7 Jo Avery Tea for 2
I love a Jo Avery pattern! I collected all of these patterns from Today's Quilter. I wanted to do it in bold fabrics, inspiration hit when i thought about using Japanese metallic and a bold green as the back ground and the backing, the vase fabric! got it at FOQ last year.
No.8 Liberty Fairy Tale Castle
This is very fitting for the FAL, i won this pattern in the final quarter of 2018, Fairy Tale Castle by Blossom Heart Quilts. Ill make it in Liberty for this years Alice Caroline SOS
I now have two of the six blocks i need for this quilt !

No. 9 - Disappearing nine patch
I bought this layer cake in a destash, wasnt quite sure what to do with it but then realised i have never made a disappearing 9 patch quilt. Now that sounds like a plan!

No.10 Michael Powell cross stitch
When a chum found out how much i love Michael Powell designs she unearthed a x stitch of his she had never got round to finishing. its lovely pattern, venetian windows.
No.11 Michael Powell bookmark
I always buy a bookmark from Michael Powell at the FOQ, this might be the last one i buy because im all Kindle now but i use them for my patchwork books.
No. 12 Tresna scarf
Woot woot! i have started knitting! I have the wool I have the pattern, just now need to fit in another 24 hours in the day. 
No. 13 Ridge cowl
well this is my first new knitting project from my beginners knitting class, had a blast, loved it.
No.14 Book nerd quilt
ARRRRRK, i was going to stop above but i cant have 13 on the list .... anyhow i was intending to do this pattern this year. I think i will make it my 'big scraps' pattern. There will be a few big scraps coming from some of the quilts above which will be perfect for this.

No.15 Emmaline retreat bags
I seem to have developed a habit for these ..... i sent off for more frames .... so i need to make three, as they are quick to whip up i will count all three as one finish :-)

No 16. Selvedge booklet pouch
Well its all the fault of Lucy Engels! buying all her patterns and the Jenny Haynes templates which go with them! i now need storage for my growing collection of Jenny Hanyes templates so I am going to use up some of my Selvedge collection to make an Aneela Hooey booklet pouch.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Squeezing in a last FAL Q1 finish!

Woo hoo! this was no 3 on my list for Q1 I really didn't think I would get it done but its amazing what a bad spell of weather does for the motivation!

Doesnt Mark do well at the quilt holding :-)

 This started off as a Fat Quarter bundle of the totally amazing Neptune and the Mermaid fabric by Elena Margot for Tokyo milk. I had to buy this not only because it is such an incredible set of prints but tokyo milk makes my favourite perfume "gin and rosewater" i kid you not!
 I had NO idea what to do with these prints ... so i settled on a simple star block with a nice big 8.5 inch center to showcase the prints.
I had such fun on IG, I would post up suggested layouts for the blocks and get opinions on what folks thought.

 I backed it with a strip of Liberty cotton which i got half price - bargain!

This will be for Siblings.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Florence last day

My last day! view from my bedroom

Aw man, got to say goodbye to this place, San Marco

i crossed here every day for the whole holiday. Loved it.
Last espresso, or two!

Oh San Marco how i love you.

I sat in this cloister every day. A dream come true.
Seeing the demons everywhere!
I adore this, wee demon squished by door.
Look top right for demons!

book frescos!
medieval kick step

AHHHHH now im in rome!
Totally knackered so ill  just find a cathedral near the train station

OMG Rome termini station has some amazing eateries ....

Right, OK i confess, i bought these thinking they were washi tape .... turns out they are napkin rings!
Ach they are still gorgeous.
What a holiday, truly a dream come true.