Saturday, 23 March 2019

Florence day 2 - this time actually in Florence! Morning only ...

Day one??? actually this is the first morning of day one !!!! Listen i dont do this by halves you know, go large or go home .... So we got to Florence and got checked into the hotel ok, lovely wee place, literally two minutes from San Marco my favourite place. So we get up in the morning ready to hit the ground running. first a nice breakfast in our cute wee breakfast room. And they do americano so no more hot milk malarky ...

Honestly how cute is this?
See! Americano *phew*
San Marco, i have been dreaming of you for years since i first came and since i first read about you many years ago in the Open University.
How flipping SMUG is this!!!! me with my Firenze card a leaving present from my old job at QMU, and what a fab present. 72 hours access to the most fabulous galleries in Florence.
And here we are, the annunciation, every time it gets me, every bloody time, my poor wee photies cant do it justice.
Right lets go on a tour of the wee monks cells with the frescos by Fra Angelico.

I need to make a quilt based on this view. how amazing are those colours.

Ah now here we go the private cell of Cosimo Medici,
He gets extra fresco tasticness :-)

Whoop Whoop! a library !
ARRRRRGGHHHHHHH illuminated capitals .... how gorge!

Fire breathing doggies

Yuh huh, she is worth another visit.

A very different annunciation

Oh now we are in Savonarolas cell, looking him up on wikipedia he was a bit of a dude!
His hair shirt ....
Out of the upper floor of San Marco and down in the bottom cloister. I love a bottom cloister!

I dreamt for man years of sitting in this cloister in the sun, this is literally a dream come true

Love a Doric column :-) very niche Aberdeenshire joke!
Ahhh now i am outside heading off to the city center
If i remember correctly this is Basillica della SS Annunziata, totally gorgeous but oh my trainers were very very squeaky ...

Next up Museo della Innocente

Next up Museo del oplifico delle Pietre |Dure - stone work! Cute wee place very nice.

I ended the morning back at the hotel with a can of ice cold juice stuck down my leggings! really sore hip flexor but a wee bit yoga sorted that out.

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