Friday, 29 March 2019

Florence day 2 afternoon

Right! feeling loads better after a cool can of juice down the leggings and some yoga :-) i set off for the afternoon of day 2.
first stop in the afternoon is the cenacollo di Santa Appollonia,  small but nice with a good last supper. two lovely gents sitting in chairs in front of it chatting. Imagine being able to do that every day!
Next up Pallazzo Medici riccardi, my diary says, chandeliers and grumpy sheep mostly!

Loo stop! there is a tourist info place just next to the Duomo which does charge for the loo but its clean convenient and you get to look at this when you come out.
mmmmmm Ghiberti

Next up the Uffizzi baby!

The Uffizzi does a great ceiling!

I want to make a Bargello quilt based on this Angels wings.

Botticelli baby!
!!!! I stood in the same room as this! had to punt a fair few tourists out of the way to get this picture ....

This just melts me, i want to make a quilt with these colours.

View of the Duomo from the Uffizzi cafe
Palazzo Vecchio, never manged to get fully round this, it was full of a conference thingy. Very inconsiderate!

I love a window display.

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