Monday, 18 March 2019

Florence 2019 day 1 Padua

I first fell in love with Florentine Renaissance art when i did an open university course in the mid 80s. I   was totally rubbish at the course got m worst marks ever but oh my goodness those frescos caught me big time. The course came in A4 size booklets and most of the pictures were in black and white! i remember sitting and dreaming that one day i would go and see them for myself. I was trapped in a miserable marriage with a husband who would constantly tell me i wouldnt be able to cope without him (didnt believe him though not even then!)
So fast forward 30 years and look at this! yep thats me more excited than an excited thing waiting to go into the Scrovegni chapel to see the Giotto frescos.

Love this one, me after two tequilas :-)

 Ahhh yes espresso, I found out the hard way not to order a latte .... i got hot milk!!!! so i had to visit several coffee shops to get my fix of espresso, one of these is just not enough.

 Envy, I love this one, being burned from her own feet up with forked tongue coming back to bite her. clutching her bag of money. Charity is the opposite of envy, quite right too.
 My favourite lucifer, everyone has a favourite Lucifer right?

 Farewell Scrovegni.
 So lets have a pootle round Padua.

 I came across Padua University. Totally gorgeous. There were graduations going on, students and family singing "dottore, dottore!!!!" how lovely.

 Wonder if they need any librarians ???

 Imagine going to University and seeing these every day?

 Love a tin, still regret not getting these!

Prato della valle
 Had a bit of fun in my instagram stories with this one, whats going on here then, keep it clean!

I wandered back via the Piazza del Santo where i touched the green marble of the tomb of Saint Anthony. 
Where am i now? and dont i look like the cat that got the cream?!

Can i fit in one more visit to the Scrovegni??? course i can!
 The first kiss.

 OK this time it really is goodbye!


  1. What a trip, fab pics. And for the record, my favourite Lucifer is in Birmingham City Art Gallery!