Friday, 9 November 2018

Lest we forget

Fraserburgh. My home town, bit of a love hate relationship but hey its where i grew up, its where my memories are.
The library, its where I mostly camped out as a child. I loved those ladies in the library. They gave me extra library cards because I took out so many books. It shaped my career and took me on the path Im on just now.
Its still the same, I like to come in past when i am up visiting my mam. It still smells the same,  polished wood and linoleum. The last time i visited it had a display for Remembrance day, all hand knitted or crocheted poppies.
It was fate, when i went in they had this display on:

This is my childhood right here, these stairs, this building. Love it.
This was fate.This display was one, CILLA !!!!!! with my all time favourite song of hers ... OMG i love Cilla.
Phew! now lets remember i am up at my mams .... so *water* is essential :-) 
Evil Fecking twiggywinkle is still there ...

yup the fecker is still on watch ...

This time i broke my journey in Aberdeen, stayed in a travel lodge, had breakfast in the this legend of a place. The snecky, still does best bacon roll around.

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