Sunday, 11 November 2018


 Gorgeous view isn't it :-) For a long time when I moved down to Glasgow/Edinburgh (I now live in between - Bonnybridge) I missed my chums, I missed going out for coffee, regular meet ups. Crafty sessions. Its taken a while especially since I have moved around a bit but now  I have a network and its a great feeling.
Part of this network and a huge part is the #stirlingshirestitchers. It all started with some chance conversations on Instagram. the lovely Kim asked if some of us would was to meet up for a regular stitching day in Killearn. Well hell yes!!! and so it began just over a year ago.
This is the view from the room where we sew. Its in the village hall, the room is on the lower ground floor, above is the three sisters café where we go for lunch.
Its a spacious room, plenty of room for us all, ironing board and cutting table. 
This wine cooler is on the way to the toilets, ive not cracked the code yet :-) 
You pass through this room to get to the loos, one day I will play this.
 Killearn is a beautiful village.

We have fun, stand on chairs to get good photos.

I have pinched some instagram photos to remind myself of some of the shenanigans we got up to.
The lovely Kim.

In the summertime we can hold the quilts off the balcony, makes for great pictures :-)

Its a fabulous part of my life, love these ladies and love these days.

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