Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Budsmam does festival of quilts

Well hello there! who is THIS standing in front of her quilt hanging at the Festival of quilts??? only MOI thats who! ok enough with the modesty, but hey it was pretty amazing to turn around and see my quilt hanging there. It was in the gallery of quilts from Alice Caroline for their SOS project. All the quilts are made from Liberty fabric and are destined to go to an Orphanage in Lithuania. I sometimes get a bit of (well meaning im sure) grief about giving my quilts away but i love making them and want them used and loved and i am sure this will be.
I had to write a caption, so of course since he was a prime instigator i had to get a picture of mini mini bud with it. Quilting was donated by the ever wonderful Cath - Cumbrian Longarmer and all round lovely person.
Here are some of the other liberty quilts
I had two "extra" hitchhikers .... Bud and Mini mini bud, they were sooper excited to see their favourite person EVER - Sarah from Duck egg threads. Sarah did not disappoint .... she made them their very own VIP lounge!!! at least they got to rest their bahoukies!
I also had some less 'knitted' company :-) the lovely Ruth and Claire, here is Claire modelling this years latest must have rain accessory - a sewing quarter
We had a show and tell for every days purchases, this was our first day
Second day
Third day
NOT ALL MINE!!!! these are combined  but i may have gone a bit overboard

I was so delighted to see this in the modern section a stunning improv by Sheena - @auburnstitches so great to see something hanging which i saw in the making at our Gartmore retreat.

I did classes! steampunk goldwork bee, this is not mine but the finished article, i hope mine looks half as nice as this when it is finished.
There was a great display on the theme of "fly me to the moon" i loved these

 Just some random pictures of quilts i loved, i am so rubbish at getting provenance.

Above is by Jo Avery from my bearpaw
Above is the winner of the miniature section, totally stunning quilt by Phillipa Naylor
Talking of Tatyana, here is the gorgeous lady herself! we enjoyed a small libation together.
Free doritos for Ruth!
OMG Bonnie Hunter was there, so lovely i went all fangirl but got a signed book
Another by Jo and quilted by Tatyana Duffie

And there we all are! home safe and sound after an interesting flight home! Thank you for your lovely company Ruth and Claire, same time next year?? 


  1. Quilts, quilty friends and FREE DORITOS! Fantastic weekend.

    1. :-) you simply cannot beat FREE DORITOS! great time, lovely memories xx