Saturday, 7 July 2018

Carry on Gartmore

This is the soundtrack to Gartmore :-) yep the quilty friends reunite for another weekend of sewing drinking, blethering and general all round amazingness. Yet again i wasnt at my peak .... had a pneumonococcal vaccination on the friday and it made itself felt all weekend. I think it is a measure of the loveliness of these weekends that i still had a ball despite being fully clothed shivvering under the duvet for a couple of hours on what was one of the hottest days on record!!!!

I called this post Carry on Gartmore because there seemed to be an upping of the general levels of smuttieness :-) ach we love a good giggle :-) these are my gals, best bunch of quilty chums you could hope for, well along with the stirlingshire stitch ladies and all other quilty chums! But Gartmore weekends are special. Not only did we have rude words in the word search (extra points) but also we tried to get as many "fannies" in to my horse made with ardently Austen fabric!
gratuitous shot of gatehouse.
oh yes forgot about this. we always have a mini challenge, this time it was to use the pantone colour of the year, ultra violet. As usual mine was in liberty, im a creature of habit! using the Maker FPP by quiet play.
The lovely Ruth and I have a tradition that we make the same Tartan kiwi pattern and do a mash up of our versions. We did the horse from Juliets Animals book, i really think the mash up works well!
My finished horse, he is called Henry.
I love foundation piecing but oh the paper ripping ...

Janice, who is just the loveliest lady every brought along some photo sensitive fabric, you lay objects on it and expose it to the sun for 10 minutes then rinse out and it makes the most fantastic patterns. We each got a square to make patterns on. Below is my choice of objects on my square. Then Ruths lovely foliage selection and then mine again with my sun has got his hat on tin! We will maybe see the complete quilt at the next Gartmore.
As my back up project i took along the latest Tartankiwi bird patterns, i love these dumpy wee guys!
Oh here is Ruths prize winning entry to the mini challenge.
Did i say Janice was lovely? well she is, look what she got me!
Bye bye Gartmore, we will be back!


  1. Looks like a great weekend, even with the side effects of the vaccination! (Did you also get a really, really sore and tender arm?!)

    1. ARRRRGGHHHHHH blogger! please notify me of comments, just saw this! yes it was horrific! I had no idea it would be that awful