Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Alice Caroline SOS quilt

oh dear the joys of owning little wooly/felted creatures! Budthepuppy and mini mini bud are the bestest of pals. Budthepuppy introduced mini mini bud to the joys of liberty and showed him how Budsmam was tricked into buying him a liberty jelly roll from last years festival of quilts ..... 

Mini mini bud was a bit shocked to be honest and said that perhaps a good use of the liberty jelly roll would be to make a quilt for the Alice Caroline quilt SOS for orphan children. Budthepuppy whimpered yes ....
Mini mini bud took great delight in picking out "just the right" pattern for the jelly roll. Here it is, marked carefully using one of ower speshul otter markers from the lovely Helen. A variation on a snowball four patch. We had to add in some extra bits and pieces.

We were on a bit of a deadline because Mini Mini bud was keen his quilt be in the running for the Alice Caroline display at the Festival of Quilts. So we sewed and we sewed and we put up some pictures on Instagram and blow me but didnt the loveliest Cath - Cumbrian Longarmer, say to Mini Mini Bud "send it to me and ill pretty it up for you" and boy did she ever!!!! look at this lovely quilting (the Buds chose the pattern)

Well just in time for the deadline for the Festival of quilts we got it back, we bound it and then our favrit thing ..... ower Scoobs got to do his #husbandsholdingquilts stint! He does it rather well 🌝
so here is the back

and here is the front!

can you tell im a bit excited!

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