Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Hmmmmmm i dont seem to be blogging a lot about sewing, is that a bad thing? maybe not, maybe im just too busy enjoying the sun? i love the cinema, just going and loosing yourself in a film for a few hours. This weekend was Jurasic World, really great romp good fun, bit too long but that seems to be the way of films now.
So to get my steps in i walked home. Below is a new shortcut i found to get to Camelon, so pretty.
From Camelon or Kemlin as the locals call it i walked along the canal path to the Falkirk wheel.
I always said i would abseil off here one day, dont know if my grip is good enough to do it now but watch this space!

From the wheel you can get to the Antonine wall, i have always been intrigued by this gate, one day i will see whats behind it!

And the best bit??? coming back home to my scoobs, out house is just the very first right peeking out, living here with Mark is the happiest i think i have ever been.

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