Sunday, 13 May 2018

Zen chic traingles quilt

Awwwww look at my ace quilt holder, mind you he is such a prima donna since he heard about the husbandsholdingquilts hashtag ......
I do love this quilt, a wee bit different from my usual? but do I have a usual? I don't really know? this is from a pattern by the lovely Brigitte Heitland - Zen chic, it was a quilt along on the Bernina blog. I did enjoy it and love the pattern but I don't think I am very good a long term commitments, unless it is to my wonderful quilt holder! I do have a fairly brief attention span ..... but anyway I love the quilt and its off to siblings together for a happy home.
Making the triangles was not terribly difficult neither was making up the quilt top but its another big one .... was a bit of a brute to quilt!

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