Monday, 28 May 2018


I think i have more pictures of me down this beach than i do anywhere else. This is Fraserburgh (Broch) beach. I grew up in Fraserburgh and spent a hefty chunk of my childhood down here. The summers in the 70s seemed to last forever and i would come down here with chums and spend nigh on the whole day here.
Whenever i come to visit my mam (85 now and still going strong ...) i always come down here, rain shine or snow. I know every inch of these sands.
They say salt water is good for arthritick joints and i can attest to that! Love a paddle i do.

The weather was so good this last visit i walked down to the beach through the Garden of Remembrance.
Some pretty front doors on the way down.
And who the heck are these fresh faced folks!!!! it me and my scoobs at my nieces wedding. We had only been seeing each other about a year at this point.

More of the beach just for good measure :-)
Tennis courts where i (mis) spent a good chunk of my yoof.
See this evil little thing?? well not so little. Know as Evil Mrs Tiggywinkle. She is in a different place every time i go up there ... certain folks on instagram worry about her sneaking out at night and murdering me in my bed ..... only time will tell :-)

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