Thursday, 19 April 2018

Morning walk

och I have just been having a nightmare with the blog recently! No blogging app for ipad works any more, they would allow me to create a post but would delete the whole thing and only publish the title .... gee thanks.
So with my dodgy eyesight I don't want to do too much on the phone so I am doing a hybrid, uploading pictures from phone then doing the text on laptop ....
So why is there a picture of my willies in mid air? that's me down at the swing park :-) I used to take Bud down here for his morning walk and have decided im still going to do it just myself. Chill out relax and get my head in gear before I head off to work.
I do love a good swing on the swings :-)



  1. Ahem *coughs politely* I think you mean wellies... *sniggers*

    1. i am WEEPING here !!!! thank you so much, I will probably leave it in, oh dear lord that was so funny! blooming autocorrect