Sunday, 1 April 2018

Michael Powell

I love a cross stitch. And i really love Michael Powell cross stitch. I saw him a lot at the festival of quilts. I started buyin the little cushions with positive sayings when i was really sick, they helped me through a lot. They now sit on my window in the sewing room and i see them every day. There arent any more so i started doing some bookmarks. This is the latest one, spanish hill town. Love these, love snything which makes me smile 😊


  1. Love them. He lives just over the mountain from me. Some of his earlier village scenes are based on the Rhondda Valleys just up the road. I keep meaning to get them and do them.

    1. how lovely! he seems such a nice man, I emailed him to say how much his designs meant to me and got ever such a nice email back. Must look out for the village ones.

  2. Love the bookmark and all your other makes from his designs!