Monday, 26 March 2018

2nd non quilty post!

Senior Fellowship

Goodness me! Two non quilty posts in a row! This happened in December and I was so over the moon about it. Sadly the day after we lost a very loved family member and I never really got back to this. But this is huge for me, really huge. I mentioned in my last post about getting thrown out of University the first time I went there. Sometimes I feel the intervening years have all been about overcompensating for it! I was persuaded to do a City and Guilds qualification in my first job, I really didn't want to do it as I presumed I was stupid after the first go at Uni! But my boss was adamant and I was terrified, I couldn't let him down! So I went and did it and d’ya know what? Im not stupid ….. I just needed to learn a few lessons – don't be afraid to ask questions and do lots of revision, simple really!
Next up was an OU degree, oh my god I loved that it was brilliant, hooked me on learning. After that I bit the bullet and did another library degree, got a first 😊 then a Masters by Research  then a Pg Cert in Education then this …. Not so much a qualification but a wonderful affirmation of my career so far. I had to write a 7k word account of how fab I am backed up by two referee statements, well not quite but you know the kind of reflective document I mean! It was like pulling teeth but I did it and here we are!
Not bad for someone who got thrown out of Uni in 1984 😊


  1. This is brilliant news! Hooray!!! *waves pompoms* *waves them again* *and again* *and once more for luck* Congratulations!!!!

  2. *does pompon dance 😂😂* thank you xx