Sunday, 18 February 2018

Kindness of (not really strangers but people you haven’t met in real life)

Social media gets a pretty bad press god alone knows ive almost deactivated my facebook account several times. But there are times when i have been on the recieving end of incredible kindness and generosity from social media.
You all know how much i loved my dog Bud, he was my best pal, my sidekick, ma wee boy. Well the lovely Bettis @bettis_stitches on instagram, knows how much i love him too, look

This arrived last sunday, just look at him

Look at those insanely cute dungarees with the little handstitching.

Well if that wasnt enough, the sooper luffly Helen sent this ....

A beautiful scarf for Budthepuppy and the teeniest cutest monogrammed jumpie for Mini Bud!

I dont think i can express how much these mean to me, honestly and just at the prefect time too, exactly when i needed it as well.
Needless to say Budthepuppy is delighted to have a little brother, he has already started showing him the liberty!



  1. I love this post almost as much as I love you, Budthepuppy and Mini Mini Bud! (And almost as much as I loved being in cahoots with Betti!) Happy new sewing room chum xx

    1. Awww he is settling in nicely amd its an added bonus that he loves star trek! Xxx