Saturday, 2 December 2017

Im a bad influence 😀

Heh heh heh love it, so while i am all innocently drinking my gin and working on my panda clamshells and watching Night at the museum 2 (love those films) up pops the fabulous Archie the Wonderdogs ig feed, blaming me and Mini Bud for her panda snowmen fabric purchases 😂😂 guilty as charged.
It was just a lovely Friday night and one i want to remember.
I used to wonder why i blogged, but its this.  Its more than my ig feed, its adding context to the memories.  Giving them some more substance.
Remember this Friday night and the happiness.


  1. You are totally to blame, but I'm very thankful for your bad influence! And yes, adding context to the memory is a lovely way of explaining why we blog. (Or some of us do, others just think about it...)

    1. I’m always happy to be a bad influence 😉😉