Sunday, 26 November 2017

Smashing my personal best

I seem to have many draft blog posts about works in progress, its high time i got my act together and  finished them! Neve mind its been s good weekend, fairly chilled and relaxed. Im in the step count challenge which is a fun thing, in the last week you are supposed to try and beat your personal best. My personal best was 33,286. This weekend i set out to try and beat that. The paths were icy so i wasnt hopeful but then i forgot about my sheer and utter thrawness .... 😊 I walked to the kelpies, six miles, met Mark there for lunch then walked home again. Lovely day, listened to Murder on the Orient Express from radio 4. It reminded me what liberties the recent film adaptation had taken! Here are some highlights.
I added on about another 1,500 after that pic was taken. Tired but happy.

A month in the country BOM

Oh the force has been strong with this quilter in Q4! Finish of number 11 on my Q4 list this has been a year in the making. The month in the country BOM from Todays Quilter by the rather talented Jo Avery (shes a chum you know :-) i get hugs :-) ) I loved making this, i had a load of animal themed fat quarters, sadly the fair trade fabric shop closed down, i got loads in their sale. It did feature applique which im not terribly great at any more with my stiff wonky old fingers. I just machine appliqued what i could. I do love it, nice and bright. Here is some work in progress:

And here is the finished quilt! Please note that the block second row far left is four small snowflakes. They are waaaaaaaay smaller than they should be as i forgot the “enlarge by 200%”instruction! 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Walk on by

Doesnt it just! Its been a funny old weekend, a good one but a funny one. I wasnt surprised to find some snark on facebook, i seem to expect it there, but instagram?? Hey ho, not everyone can understand why your knitted doggie has his own account ....

Anyhoo after much rumination i have decided to cope with this in true budsmam fashion, sticking two digits up at the world and walking on by 😊😊

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

First finish! FAL Q4

You know that thing when you are scrolling through your photos and you realise you did your first finish of Q4 and hadnt noticed!!! Yup - that.
No.3 on my list for Q4 was to make a mini sewing machine in liberty, i did this as my entry for the mini competition at the last Gartmore retreat.
Gertie the Gartmore sheep approves 😀 first tick for Q4