Friday, 20 October 2017

Jenny Haynes a weekend with Pappersaxsten

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd breathe, 😊 budsmam towers has been busy with a humungous Senior Fellowship application for the higher education academy. All very worthwhile etc etc but its taken up my sewing time 😱😱😱😱😱 also taken up my time to reflect on all the fun stuff which has been happening *tuts* So lets catch up and remember the fun stuff.
The fun stuff kicked off on the friday night with steak chips and wine with lovely Ruth, i call her lovely Ruth because she simply is lovely. We try to have a meal before any evening talks and i cant think of a nicer way to kick things off. 
How fab is this lady?? The sooper fab Jenny Haynes @pappersaxsten. 

Jenny came up for a weekend in Edinburgh, giving a talk on the friday night a class at Mybearpawcraft on the saturday and a class for the Edinburgh Modern Quilt guild on the sunday. What a fab talk and as with all our speakers its the chance to see some amazing quilts up close and personal. Love this one, especially as the amazing honeycomb quilting was done by the fabulous Tatyana Duffie.
Can you see the sooper fab Ruth @fallingshoes peeping out?? She was on door duty. Cuddliest fluffiest bouncer ever 😊
This was it, this was the quilt i wanted to make. The one which stopped me in my tracks when i first saw it online.
So, onto sunday where i pulled out some cute fabric and deployed Jennys wonderful templates. What a fab technique!
I managed to get heaps done in the class and then finished off the quilt at a Gartmor weekend, but thats another story 😊



  1. This brought back lots of happy memories of a fab evening. And I'm just pleased I didn't have to turn into scary bouncer - everyone was very well behaved! 😁

    1. It was such a fun weekend! But i missed out one of the most fun bits! So ive edited the first section to more accurately reflect just how sooper fab the weekend was 😀