Monday, 30 October 2017

Gartmore mon amour

Check me out channeling my inner Greta Garbo 😂😂😂 third time to Gartmore this year and another fab weekend with quilty chums. Gartmore you never fail, good food, good company and gin, life really doesn't get any better.
Ok .... As well as gin there was wine 😊 Just to lubricate the vocal cords you know ....
Having recently been to the rheumatology physio who told me I could still jog a little bit I took the opportunity to get up early go for a little run/jog - fabulous!
I took along the mahoosive Liberty quilt to work on .... Memo to self don't blether/chat/drink alcohol when working on such a big and complex project ..... I had to unpick all the borders back to the flying geese and do a bit of nifty sewing to remake it .... My own fault, having too much fun and not paying attention 😊
How cute is this! Gertie the Gartmore sheep! I had to buy her, so many happy memories at Gartmore and gertie reminds me of them every day.
Sheena did us proud as ever organising a mini competition and quiz, here was my mini.
What a funky pair of dudes we are, me and Sheena with our fab shoes 😍
Gertie suddenly sported s rather gorgeous Liberty scarf! Now who would be sweet enough to do that for me?? Only the sooper luffly Ruth that's who 😊 Thank you Ruth an even nicer reminder of a lovely weekend.
Don't worry Gartmore I'll be back 😊