Sunday, 10 September 2017

Zippy tray - another FALQ3 finish!

Whoop whoop! Another finish from my FAL Q3 proposed finishes number 2 in fact! I have had the zippy tray pattern by Aneela Hoey for ages and always wanted to try it but never got round to it. I also had some of this William and Kate wedding fabric left over, i bought it because it was pretty not because i have an huge Royalist leanings! But i have a lovely chum who is a huge Royal family fan, she already has a table runner in this fabric but its her birthday and i wanted to use up the last of it for her present. I loved the pattern, i got a bit confused at one bit but stopped and read every word, that usually helps! Love it but had no idea it was so huge!!!


  1. It's lovely, but I also had no idea they were so big! You seem to be zipping through FAL finishes, bravo!! *waves pompoms*

  2. thank you! I loved making this, there will be more :-)

  3. I still need to finish mine. My brain was having some spatial issues. Yours looks fab!