Sunday, 2 July 2017

Proposed finishes for FAL Q3

And we are out of the starters blocks and raring to got for Q3!!! Q3 eh? Blimey 2017 you are fair ramping on. This time I will remember to number my list! Make it easier ...  Number 1 Farmers wife, I am way further ahead than I thought, almost halfway! No excuse now, keep chipping away at it

Number 2
Bother its sideways ... Anyhow, I have the pattern for the Aneela Hoey zip up tray, I even made a special trip to get the right zips! I have this left over William and Kate wedding fabric and a Royal loving chum who would love a zip up tray, lets make it so.

Number 3
I have been meaning to turn these into an improv mosaic mini, will Q3 be its lucky quarter?

Number 4
These are left over from the Petra Prins quilt I made last quarter I think they would look fab in this charm square pattern and I think I have enough fabric for it too!

Number 5
I was charmed into buying a fabric marbling kit at the knitting and stitching show this year. This is the sample the man let me keep. I so want to make a flying geese lap quilt like the one he had on display, I have done most of the prep to marble the fabric, just need to find the time to get down to it!

Number 6
Again more left overs! From a lovely Japanese fabric quilt I made, these are destined for a sewtogether bag.

Number 7
I seem to have aquired a rather unhealthy amount of charm packs .... Some of these are over three years old! I will not buy any new ones till I clear out some old ones, this will make a nice little lap quilt.

Number 8
My local church is always looking for sale items so these next charm packs will become table runners for them

Number 9
Table runners for the church sale

Number 10
Table runners for the church sale.




  1. Those Japanese fabrics are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the sewtogether bag you make with them!

  2. Ten? Is that all? Despite numerous reads, I can't see MiniBud's sparkly tassled boots or his Liberty trug...did you forget to list them?

    1. Oooohhhh whoops!!!! They must have fallen off *whistles*

  3. Lots of beautiful projects in the works, you can totally knock a few off the list! Thank you for linking up on behalf of the global 2017 Finish-A-Long hosts.

  4. You might have enough there to keep you out of mischief!