Friday, 21 April 2017


Done! I adore this! Such fun. I blogged last year about the fab weekend we spent with the lovely Juliet, @tartankiwi. My sooper lovely chum Ruth and I decided to both make the seahorse pattern at our quilt guild annual retreat to Gartmore.
I chose Lace Mountain by Zandra Rhodes for my fabrics, Ruth had some gorgeous batiks.
I loved the pattern. Such good instructions.
Here is a Frankenstein mash up of our two quilts in progress. Ruth's head and my body!
Some more progress shots of mine.
Ruth loved the pattern so much she bought the small version too!
My top says hello to Ruth's baby seahorse!
Fab fun, great pattern, happy memories


  1. I'm on your blog! I'm on your blog! Always a fab read, but I especially enjoyed this one - happy memories indeed. Ruthx

    1. I had a blast making it with my fab quilty chum! X