Sunday, 30 April 2017

Oranges lemons and pineapple

ticking off the FAL Q2 list! Ok so I'm in the rural, the Scottish woman's (rural) institute, we are not allowed to use rural any more, well hey, for me it's been the rural for the past *cough* 50 odd years so the rural it remains!! Aw Right? So ma main man Evelyn, "housewife and handicrafts convneor" says to me, Budsmam we need a placemat on the theme of oranges and lemons for the Annual show, fret not says I, I'm yer woman! My creative juices started flowing and I thought pineapples!! How post modern ... Let's do oranges and lemons in a pineapple block!

I adore foundation piecing, and love the opportunity to revisit the pineapple block, thank you the Rural 😊 
And another finish for the finish along!


  1. And a great finish it is too Sheila! Looking forward to seeing you again. Congratulations on your fab finish on behalf of the global FAL 2017 hosts!

    1. thank you Nicky, looking forward to seeing you too!