Thursday, 26 January 2017

Month in the country BOM

You know that thing when you are ridiculously proud of something and want to show it off?? Yep that!! I am so so in love with this block. I wanted to do Jo Averys block of the month, A month in the country, from today's quilter. I found the perfect fabric, it was quite sad, fair trade fabric was going out of business and had a sale. I bought loads of it, as it's perfect for this project!

The tree fabric I got in a scrap bundle, it was tricky using directional fabric for HSTs but I managed. 
I just adore this!
Here is my variation barn block.

The very first blocks were maple leaves, great for bursts of colour.

The flying geese were surprisingly challenging, but Jo likes to keep us on our toes! Certainly ups your skill level!

Talking of skill levels I should perhaps remember to read the instructions thoroughly!! Ahem ... The template for this should have been enlarged by 200% 😂😂 honestly if I had a brain I would be dangerous!!

I decided just to leave it, as a Jo says it's now part of the story! 
I'm loving this BOM , am now fully caught up, patiently waiting for next Installment.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

FAL2017 Q1

So 2017! Let's go for it! No faffing about straight in with the first finish along list of the year.  I don't often put embroidery, cross stitch on but I really really love the Pretty little city designs from Satsuma Street, so let's get this Pretty Little Italy done, I have many many more to go!
This is a wedding gift , all it needs is bound, no excuse here!
A roll over from last year but it's further on, just needs layered up, quilted etc etc.
Clamshell Liberty, my hand sewing is slooooooooow, let's knock this one off eh?
I'm in a swap for these 4.5 inch economy blocks, I have a bazillion of them, need to make them into something!
Eeeekkkkk! This should be top of list, baby quilt made with patter from Pam and Nicky lintott. Baby due in April, plenty time ...
Hmmmm should be further up list, bee blocks from siblings together quilt bee, need to be made into a quilt!
Eh dear another roll over, but again moved on a bit, just needs etc etc 😊
Yep, another roll over! A mini sew together bag for a chum with these fabrics, no excuse get a move on budsmam!
Right FAL2017, bring it on sunshine! *rolls up sleeves*