Saturday, 6 May 2017

Heart quilt

First finish!! Phew! I was under pressure with this one, it was for the first granddaughter of a lovely lady from the Rural. The pattern is from two for one jelly rolls by Pam and Nicky Lintott, I loved making it even though I had to do some major reconstructive surgery on it ...
Whoah yea I had to take out a corner triangle after it had been quilted, I got slap happy with the seam ripper ...
Never mind, it's done, the rural lady is over the moon with it and I can tick tick tick it off my FAL Q2 list!!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pot holder!

As part of the EMGQ we took part in a pot holder swap with the borders moder quilt guild. I took a heart I had made at the @tartankiwi workshop and turned it into the top, some far far away provided the backing et voila! I love the crinkly sound of heat proof wadding and this time I managed a hanging loop! Go me!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Oranges lemons and pineapple

Ok so I'm in the rural, the Scottish woman's (rural) institute, we are not allowed to use rural any more, well hey, for me it's been the rural for the past *cough* 50 odd years so the rural it remains!! Aw Right? So ma main man Evelyn, "housewife and handicrafts convneor" says to me, Budsmam we need a placemat on the theme of oranges and lemons for the Annual show, fret not says I, I'm yer woman! My creative juices started flowing and I thought pineapples!! How post modern ... Let's do oranges and lemons in a pineapple block!
I adore foundation piecing, and love the opportunity to revisit the pineapple block, thank you the Rural 😊 
And another finish for the finish along!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Verona giusti gardens

Did you ever just have a perfect day?? Just out of the blue you turn a corner and bang, there is the most beautiful place ever? That happened in Verona, we went out for a walk on our last day there and turned a corner to this ... The Guisti Gardens, seven euros each to get in, bargain! We walked and breathed and took in the views. A gorgeous beautiful day.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Giotto frescos

Envy, how amazing is this!! I adored our trip to Verona and couldn't believe it when a chum told me that I could get to Padua and see the Giotto frescos in an hour. So we duly boarded a bus and hot footed it to Padua. I studied Italian and Florentine Renaissance art with the OU many many years ago, I was pretty dreadful but I still really enjoyed it! Seeing the Fra Angelico frescos in Florence was the highlight of my visit there and I couldn't wait to see these beauties. I wasn't disappointed.   
Inconstancy ...
You get 15 mins to look around and it's a small chapel so that's loads of time right? Nope it's no time at all especially when you are looking at the stars.
I adored every minute, breathtaking right? I'll just leave you with these images.
The image on the left is despair, I don't think I have seen a more eloquent and heartbreaking evocation of despair.
She truly broke my heart I couldn't stop looking at her.
The devils stole  my heart I loved him.

Friday, 21 April 2017


Done! I adore this! Such fun. I blogged last year about the fab weekend we spent with the lovely Juliet, @tartankiwi. My sooper lovely chum Ruth and I decided to both make the seahorse pattern at our quilt guild annual retreat to Gartmore.
I chose Lace Mountain by Zandra Rhodes for my fabrics, Ruth had some gorgeous batiks.
I loved the pattern. Such good instructions.
Here is a Frankenstein mash up of our two quilts in progress. Ruth's head and my body!
Some more progress shots of mine.
Ruth loved the pattern so much she bought the small version too!
My top says hello to Ruth's baby seahorse!
Fab fun, great pattern, happy memories

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Going up Doon hill

What a friendly face! It's all a bit Lord of the Rings ish 😊. I've blogged about going to Gartmore house hotel with the quilt guild, they also do really good deals for couples so me and Mr Budsmam headed up there last weekend. We wanted to go a walk before hand so we went up Doon hill 😊 Which is just outside Aberfoyle. There is a fairy shrine at the top, so pretty.
And we saw these cute chaps on the way down.
A lovely day, one to remember.