Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Siblings together December block

Hello, it's my turn for Decembers siblings together block. I would like a very simple and quick Greek cross block please! In the above colours. Creams/neutrals for the surround and bright cheery blues for the center and corners. The corners can be scrappy they can be all the same or you can do them in two different colour ways as I have done above. 
This was inspired by a work trip to Athens earlier this year. I went up to the Acropolis on my last day and was so moved by the wonderful cream stone and the blue sky.
This gave me the idea for doing the Greek cross in these colours.
So cheery blues for center cross and outer corners. Cream, neutrals for surround. Oh yes the pattern! Here is a great pattern from 
It's pretty straightforward but let me know if there are any questions. I know it's a busy time in December so there is absolutely no hurry for these, very happy to wait. One block would be perfect but if you could do two that would be fab.
Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Dugald Stewart a life in books

In s previous life I was a rare books librarian .... Rock n roll! I loved it every minute. I did my masters thesis on the Library of Dugald Stewart an 18th century Scottish philosophe and mathematician. Fascinating man.  Anyhoo to my eternal shame he lived for a large part of this life not far from me. I have never been there till last weekend! And it is beautiful, Kinneil estate near Bo'ness.

The inventor James Watt also live there and he and Dugald knew each other.


It's taken me a while but I will be back.


I love my country, it's beautiful, that is all. It keeps me sane, gives me peace and serenity.   Anniversary in Pitlochry 6 years eh? Fabulous.
My Scoobs in front of the fire in our favourite hotel, he proposed here, we honeymooned here, I recovered from chemotherapy here. It was Buds favourite too.

Still rocking it 😊




Sunday, 27 November 2016

Cushioning along

I love an "along" I'm a sucker for them, so when the lovely Helen and Lynz amongst others started a Christmas cushion along I couldn't help myself, besides, there were some panda snowmen who needed to see the light of day. First up were these fussy cut blocks, so easy to whip up a couple of cushion covers.
These will go to my sister.
Next up, well I really really wanted to do something with my panda snowmen fabric but wasn't sure how to highlight them to their best.
Hmmmmm, thinking cap on!
Whoah yes, inspiration struck! Cathedral Windows, perfect!
I did forget how much ouchy ouchy finger burny ironing was involved .... Muchos sweary words later ...
I needed to find the perfect button to hide my shoddy joins, skiing snowmen! Fab.
I love it!! Thank you Helen and Lynz for a fab "along"

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tick tick ticking off Q4 FAL

I'm glad I put this on the Q4 list I think I was in the scrappy trip around the world bee from the beginning, at least 3 years. It was a fun bee, I love the pattern by Bonnie Hunter. For the past few rounds I have been asking for bright sunny colours. They have really brightened up the sewing room. This went to linus on Wednesday, I was going to give it to siblings together but got a specific request from Linus. I'll make another for siblings. Plenty quilts to go round!