Saturday, 22 October 2016

People are strange

Got to love Jim Morrison, Heavens he was gorgeous. This takes me back to the eighties and The Lost Boys 😬 Totally over the top but a great film!
It's been a funny old week. Started off with a bit of a stooshie on Facebook, stooshie is a grand Scottish word, means "a small bit of bother" I was in a group swap, sent off my mini on time etc and waited. My partner commented she had recieved it and that was it.  Ok I thought, probably busy etc,  maybe got family around etc so I waited, she started commenting on other posts etc but nothing else so I contacted the swap mama and asked if there was anything wrong. Cutting a long story short, my partner left the swap (she had already sent hers off so her partner didn't suffer, but she left swap and also left main group?? My mama didn't say too much but I could put two and two together and was could see my partner wasn't happy with the mini ... Either that or the fact I hadn't included extras ... (They weren't mandatory and were only suggested half way through swap) I normally include extras but my partner did not interact at all, answered no questions and all I had to work on was original brief which was traditional sampler style with non neon non fussy fabrics. So I came up with this.
All the blocks are from the original Farmers wife sampler quilt book, it's all paper pieced. 

Which I didn't think was too shabby?? Certainly not enough to remove yourself from two Facebook groups for? Now partner said she is not on any other social media apart from Facebook so I know she will never see this post and I wouldn't like to hurt her but I'm perplexed. But then again people are strange!! Nowt as queer as folks. But is it so bad that I am concerned about my mini? I put a lot of love and care into that, I am actually distressed it might be somewhere unloved or worse in the bucket 😱😱 I know I know, but still ...
Onwards chaps onwards, my zen and chill was restored when the ever lovely Helen @archiethewonderdog asked me if I wanted to join a very informal Christmas cushion along on Instagram. Yea!! Of course I do!! 😀😀 I'm going to bust out the totes awesome pandas snowmen fabric and cathedral Windows cushion here I come!!
Not sure about the green background fabric but something in my gut is telling me to stick with it.
So people are strange but they are also lovely too 😊😊
So I'll finish this on an even lovelier note. The fabulous Helen sent me a present, a gorgeous shweshwe Lola pouch!! How fab, and she also included some tunnocks tea cakes for my knitted doggie @minibudthepuppy to be shared with my husband affectionately known as Scoobs, here they are tussling over the tunnocks, 😊😊 now that's a nice note to finish on.

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