Sunday, 9 October 2016

FAL 2016 Q4

Blimey!! When did it get to Q4?? Ok first up is NOT the silk quilt!! Sorry still have to mention it because as my longest ever wip it's now no longer on the list!! Thank you FAL for sticking with me and making me get this one done! Right so what is really on the list!

This one has to be, almost finished, I've been in the scrappy trip around the world bee for years now! I think it has almost reached its end though. These are my latest blocks. This one will be a siblings together quilt. Just got to quilt and bind it.

Next up some fab house blocks from the stitchgathering. These will be another quilt for siblings together.
What next? Well I just have to finish the binding on these two makers totes. One for me and one for my mams Xmas.

These hexies have been kicking around for well over a year. They need to get made into something!  Probably a linus quilt don't think there are enough for another siblings together quilt.

What next? I think I had this on the Q1 list, I really want to make a quilt for each holiday we have been on. Morocco still needs to be ticked off, I want to make one from the Kaffe Fassett Morocco book, I have the fabric.

I'm just waiting for my chum to confirm sizes then I can make her a knitting needle case from this.

I also really need to make this. When I was in America almost two years ago I am not normally a fan of these colours or patterns but I gained a lot of respect for the traditional American quilts. So this need to get done.

I found a conversion for the sewtogether bag to make a mini sew together bag! My lovely chum Marshall bought me this fabric years ago so I want to make her a mini sewtogether from this lovely fabric.

Right this has to be last, again from the trip to America, I found a lovely pattern for a 30s mini quilt with little embroideries on it. I have made two out of the twelve embroideries so I need to get a wiggle on with this!

Right I think that is more than enough!!


  1. Well, that's going to go a long way to keeping you out of mischief, isn't it? Good luck! And congratulations again for finishing the silk quilt!

  2. Thank you! And you know me I never get up to mischief ... 😉

  3. Thank you! And you know me I never get up to mischief ... 😉