Friday, 28 October 2016

FAL 2016 Q4 this is not a knitting needle case!

This is NOT a knitting needle case 😊😊😊 as mentioned on my Q4 list  

This is a one hour basket and a Lola pouch!  

I found this fab travel themed fabric at the knitting and stitching show in Edinburgh this year. I happened to bump into a lovely chum when I was buying it and she said if she bought some would I make her something? Well of course!!
She initially wanted a knitting needle case, no problem! So that's what event on the FAL list but then she happened to buy some more knitting needles which came with their own case so she said she would like a one hour basket instead. I adore making one hour baskets! There was enough left from the offcuts from the side to make the fab Lola pouch, my first one and it won't be my last.


  1. They're lovely! Are you joining me in being addicted to making Lola pouches?!

    Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!

    1. I really enjoyed making it! So yes I think I will add this to me sewing addictions!