Sunday, 26 June 2016

Smashing my personal best



I'll admit I'm struggling here, still in shock after the referendum and the subsequent fall out. What have we done ...

So I'll retreat here, Chez Budsmam and try and make some sense of it all.

I try and keep fit, exercise you know the best anti depressant. Where I work we enter the step count challenge and this time the last weekly challenge was to smash your personal best.

Problem was my previous PB was 30,766 steps ... We were in Paris on holiday and had spent the day sightseeing. We got to the airport Charles de Gaulle which is long anyway and we got on the plane we got off the plane and eventually it was cancelled and we had to walk to a hotel. Hence the 30k plus steps.

Soooo how do I beat that? Well it started off with this:


So I just put on my walking shoes and walked.

I made some lovely new chums along the way:


I love the cow far right , looks a bit of a rebel.

Hello Mr Snail!


Pretty paths, but soon the half way mark was reached.


Oops upside down, time for a cuppa and a scone.

I did take a picture but accidentally deleted it.

Ooohhh what's this?? People abseiling off the falkirk wheel?




Man I would love to give that a go!! Next challenge perhaps.

Mmmmmm steak.


Poppies, pretty.


I level this bit of Bonnybridge. There is a wee monument to a resident who kept this bit of the canal bank looking pretty.


Bit further along we come to a lock.


Pretty huh? I love where I live.

Sooo did I do it?



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