Monday, 16 May 2016

Getting sloshed

See these ladies?? Best * mates * ever!!

I knew I needed a break but maybe not quite how much I needed a break. Anyhow after a fab few days in Barcelona I headed up North for a class in Parrs rulers. The night before my bestest, Irene, Wendy and I headed to our fav Aberdeen bar the foundry. It's cheap it's cheerful and we love it.

The last time we went I mentioned on Facebook that they were doing the slosh but I never knew how to do it. Queue horror from loads of chums. "You never did the slosh??"
Well no, my mother would have been mortified if any of us did anything like that at a wedding.
Another fab chum Kirsten took me in hand and in the middle of her office much to the hilarity of her co workers she taught me the slosh. Actually some of them joined in!
So this time we were primed, Irene went up and requested the slosh, I went up and did not just one song of it but two!! It was fab.
Well some of this may have been consumed:

For those of you who don't know what the slosh is have a look at this, it's a Scottish tradition.

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