Saturday, 16 April 2016

Taking my own advice




A good few years ago I went to a patchwork class, I sat across from a nice young lady but she was obviously a beginner.

Nowt wrong with that though! The entire morning she constantly looked at what everyone else was doing and fretting. Oh you've done so many more blocks than me, oh your blocks are better than mine, oh my goodness that lady is nearly finished ...... When she carried on in this vein in the afternoon I gently said to her that "if you spend less time fretting about what everyone else is up to and more time on your own work you might get more done?" I did say it gently, cos she was working herself up into a tiz.

Flash forward to now. I need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and thinking and just concentrate on myself.

It doesn't matter if people don't like me, that's life get on with it.

I can't tie myself in knots trying to be what I think other people want me to be.

I am just me.

A weekend up at my mams and being in my favourite place of all time, Broch beach, is just the fair dab as we say up here.




  1. Well I think you're wonderful as just you. And I know I'm not the only person to think so. So, yes, stop fretting over what can't be changed and continue rocking your life! X