Friday, 29 April 2016

Daft auld librarian

I have just been called a woose by a very senior member of staff :-) why? Because I cried at the leaving lunch for our fourth year undergraduates.

Work can cause so much stress but these guys are the reason it causes so much joy. I will miss each and every one of them.

See that below? That's this daft auld librarian greetin while they clapped me, they read out every member of support staff and applauded them.

They gave us all individual certificates and little trophies! Mine has gone into my little corner of happiness at work to remind me of what is really important.

And just when I thought it was safe to put the hankies away one of the students asked to see me, I thought she had a referencing question!! No she had made me some fabulous choux pastries and an amazing handmade card ..... Queue the waterworks again!!


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Taking my own advice




A good few years ago I went to a patchwork class, I sat across from a nice young lady but she was obviously a beginner.

Nowt wrong with that though! The entire morning she constantly looked at what everyone else was doing and fretting. Oh you've done so many more blocks than me, oh your blocks are better than mine, oh my goodness that lady is nearly finished ...... When she carried on in this vein in the afternoon I gently said to her that "if you spend less time fretting about what everyone else is up to and more time on your own work you might get more done?" I did say it gently, cos she was working herself up into a tiz.

Flash forward to now. I need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and thinking and just concentrate on myself.

It doesn't matter if people don't like me, that's life get on with it.

I can't tie myself in knots trying to be what I think other people want me to be.

I am just me.

A weekend up at my mams and being in my favourite place of all time, Broch beach, is just the fair dab as we say up here.



Thursday, 14 April 2016

FAL 2016 Q2

........ Well Q1 was a spectacular fail! I got no finishes and didn't even make the linky party .....

Bad budsmam. Why? Ach just my normal nervous breakdown at worky stuff! Plus sore shoulder plus lurgy, poor poor budsmam!

Never mind we are moving with a purpose and have a wee dram of drambuie to motivate us :-)


So, I'm rolling over - EVERYTHING!!

Yep the whole jing bang as we say in Scotland!

In no particular order:

Silk quilt


Och you poor wee silk quilt, one day pet one day you will be done, just not today ...

Liberty quilt

I want to use up my Liberty stash (don't judge me ...) in the medallion quilt by Susan Briscoe which was in the Today's Quilter supplement.

How awesome would that be!!!

Flipping flowers

Flippity flip, I don't need to do much to this one either ....

Tula pink butterfly
For goodness sake this only needs to go to the longarmer then get bound!


Again just pull you finger out budsmam!


As above



Jen Kingwell BOM with Zandra Rhodes fabrics

Hmmm might be difficult since the BOM won't finish till September ... I can do this, I have no pictures though


Sew together bag for my lovely friend Marshall

Awww bless, Marshall phoned me and I almost cried at hearing a friendly voice. She is so sweet and bought me these fabrics last year, she deserves a sew together bag.


Morrocan quilt

I have this daft idea of doing a quilt for every holiday I go on .... Well holiday abroad that is, I can't see me making a Skegness quilt, but you never know! I got these fabrics in America last year. They remind me so much of the tiles and vibrant colours and richness of our Morrocan holidays. Of course I have to choose a pattern from the Kaffe fassett quilts in Morocco book!


Civil war quilt

Right again another holiday quilt! This time to remind me of America and my fab trip there last year. This one is scheduled in for our annual quilt retreat to Cullen.




Is that enough??

Nooooo it's not enough! ffs how could I forget my lonestar quilt? I am loving this baby!

Right that's enough, budsmam over and out.

Linking up!


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Displacement activity

Yes of course i should be ironing/stressing about work/house cleaning or even making the gazillion quilts on my list. But oh no i make a mini quilt for my knitted doggie...

And make a sleeping bag for a teddy 🐻

Sunday, 3 April 2016


I like vintagey cottagey style, cute florals. Love em. So I love all things Tilda, and fell in love with the house swing kit. It was a bit on the pricey side so I ummed and awwed but gave in and bought it.


I totally forgot that me and small fiddly things just DONT GET ON, AT ALL WHATSOEVER.


It has been the bane of my life for months, sitting glowering at me.

The kit is fabulous, no disrespect to the kit, it's great, it's just me, I can't do small and fiddly.

This is NOT how the kit should look, it's my stripped down version of the kit. I'm happy with it, it's done and no longer glowering at me and will sit in the sewing room to remind me not to be such a numpty next time.



Saturday, 2 April 2016

Lone star

Nemesis, the lone star is my nemesis. For years I have attempted various lone stars and they have quite frankly been .... Mince, total utter shonky wonky mince.

So when I saw that the fabulous Jo Avery from mybearpaw was holding a class on the lone star I felt this was my last chance to master this.

I knew exactly what I wanted to use for this, my precious stash of Kaffe was raided. I had forgotten how much this fabric makes my heart sing.

Oh there was arranging and re arranging and ok yes a bit of fondling ...

What to use as background?? Well I seem to be in love with text at the moment ....
I made a lone star point and it's not shonky!! Well not much :-)

Watch this space for the rest of the points.