Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Old friends

Eh dear farewell sweet Mr Inch, the last of the Twitter trio has gone over the rainbow bridge. Here he is the gentleman jack Russell himself.

My dog Bud went on Twitter before me :-) this was when Twitter was new and no one really knew what to do with it. Someone said it was good for dog owners, you could interact with other doggies and see walks and pretty pictures and such.
So bud went on (this is why I am Budsmam) the very first doggies he followed were Mr Inch and also this handsome chap below, Floyd the lurcher.
They had great fun and both were so sweet and kind to me when Bud died.

Poor Floyd was the next to go last year. More sadness. And now Mr Inch.

His mum posted this sooper sweet picture of him as a puppy.



They all had fabulous lives but they leave a big big hole. I posted this favourite picture of Bud in a tent, I like to think all three (and any other doggie that wants to join them) are cuddled up in a pile of quilts munching on gravy bones and pigs ears.


Old friends sorely missed.


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