Thursday, 31 March 2016


Well sore shoulder apart here has still been some sewing going on. Mostly for swaps, first up the dashwood mini swap. My partner liked mori girls so I waited till it came on sale. Loved the fabric, but I felt it needed a big open block, so this one seemed like a perfect fit.

I made a test block but felt it didn't really showcase the fabric, waste not want not, it went in the back with a nice texty fabric!

Little triangle pouch as an extra, using up the last of the mini red houses.

I liked the back! Who doesn't love a text fabric.


Next up blueberry park mini swap. My partner loved this kaleidoscope pattern, and I love foundation piecing so this was a match made in heaven.


Recognise the block I made for the back? Yep it's the same as the one for the dashwood swap :-)

I made a triangle pouch for this swap too but didn't get a picture.

One day I will take better pictures but it won't be today!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Old friends

Eh dear farewell sweet Mr Inch, the last of the Twitter trio has gone over the rainbow bridge. Here he is the gentleman jack Russell himself.

My dog Bud went on Twitter before me :-) this was when Twitter was new and no one really knew what to do with it. Someone said it was good for dog owners, you could interact with other doggies and see walks and pretty pictures and such.
So bud went on (this is why I am Budsmam) the very first doggies he followed were Mr Inch and also this handsome chap below, Floyd the lurcher.
They had great fun and both were so sweet and kind to me when Bud died.

Poor Floyd was the next to go last year. More sadness. And now Mr Inch.

His mum posted this sooper sweet picture of him as a puppy.



They all had fabulous lives but they leave a big big hole. I posted this favourite picture of Bud in a tent, I like to think all three (and any other doggie that wants to join them) are cuddled up in a pile of quilts munching on gravy bones and pigs ears.


Old friends sorely missed.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Why don't you?

If you are of my generation *resists urge to do the who impersonation* you may remember a rather irritating (to me anyway) programme called "why don't you" the tag line was why don't you .... Switch off your television sand go and do something less boring instead .... And if you do remember the programme you will now have the very irritating theme tune rumbling about in your head! Sorry!

I saw a conversation on Instagram this week and they people involved both said how much they missed blogging, now I think I know what they mean, they mean the days before Instagram when blogs and Flickr ruled the crafting world.

But part of me thought 'why don't you?' I mean why don't you just blog? And then I thought well why don't I? I don't blog s lot but its cathartic.

So what does all this rambling mean? Not sure, but I'm going to try and get things down on here more often.

First up a rather dodgy (well all my pictures are dodgy ...) shot of the block of the month we are doing at the muckhart quilt group. We are following along the gen X BOM from a few years ago, sisters ten by Anne Marie Chainey. I've got her new book, it's fab.

I decided to do mine in batiks, yep not tres moderne but what the hey. I was never on trend!

I am a wee bit distressed at the mo, my recent haircut seems to have killed my curls!! Come back curls I miss yoo!
On a happier note, ma wee pal Rocco came to stay for a long weekend, as you can see he quickly led me astray .... Naughty Rocco :-)