Saturday, 30 January 2016

Chin up you're getting on my nerves ...

This post is a reminder to myself to look after myself .... I woke up on the 7th January with excruciating pain in my neck.
My neck muscles had tightened up so much my neck vertebrae weren't moving properly. This has probably been going on for a while but it came to a crisis on the 7th January. I can't describe the pain but I now know why they make woman giving birth pant. I spent a lot of time walking up and down panting to try and get rid of the pain. The vertebrae were pinching a nerve which runs down my arm .... OOOOOWWWYA
Anyhoo lots of expensive physio later i am on the mend, but it's slow and will take a few months. Sooooooo lessons learned?
Really really don't mind the bollocks, honestly some of this is down to bad mattress bad pillow, etc but a whole chunk of it is stress ......
So now it is really time to switch off, switch off work and any other stress which is doing this to me.
I was almost in tears, I had a weekend retreat book with the edinburgh modern quilt guild ladies but I didn't know if I would be fit to go.
I decided that I could be in pain and miserable at home or I could just go and see if it took my mind off it.
What a blast.
These are just random pictures from the weekend, but they are here to remind me to just go with the flow and LIVE.
So first up the fabbity mural round the room we were sewing in.
Who doesn't love some nice ironmongery.
Lovely fireplace tiles.
Scotland in the winter, no place better to be.
A warm fire.
Gorgeous doorway.
View from the sewing room
My bedroom
There may have been some wine :-)
Lunchtime walk.

The beautiful lounge.

Hive of activity.

Pincushion swap.

View from my bedroom
I'm a librarian couldn't help but look behind this door.
Sooper sweet and lovely wee room


Fun and lovely ladies

All our finishes.

Scotland in winter, cannae beat it

Happy budsmam, small finish but amazing weekend.

Oh yeah, show and tell our first quilt, mine was this table runner.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful retreat and I'm so glad you were able to go. I hope that's the last time you experience a pain in the neck..!