Saturday, 5 December 2015

San Marco

Did I mention that we went to Florence? Well we did! To celebrate five years of marriage. We have been together for 12 years but decided to make it a bit more formal five years ago.

I was so excited to go to San Marco, over 20 years ago I did an open university module on the Florentine Renaissance. The frescos of Fra Angelico stuck most in my mind, I remember seeing them as little postage stamp sized pictures, a lot of them in black and white, this was in the days before the internet so all stay materials were printed. Colour pictures were few and far between.

We totally picked the right time to go to Florence, the queues were minimal which was a good thing as numbers were limited to go to the upper floor in San Marco where the most stunning Frescos were.


I always remembered the annunciation, Fra Angelicos version was always my favourite. As you go up the stairs in San Marco this is waiting for you at the top. I wish I could replicate the Angels wings, they glittered.

Each monks cell had its own fresco. To stand and see these in the flesh was such an amazing experience. They look as if they could have been painted yesterday not 500 years ago.





I was pretty rubbish at the open university module, not my finest hour, but it was worth it to be introduced to these wonderful works of art. Little did I think I would see them in the flesh one day.

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